How to write a Chinese character, how to know the meaning of a character ?


I've found a great resource for French speakers and even all Chinese learners, if you know the same kind in English, it could be nice to share it.

This French website can be useful to everybody, because you can click on a character, and you'll see on the next page THE WAY TO WRITE IT. To see the animation a second time, just click on the red button above the animation.

Few lines above, at the beginning of the paragraph written in green, there's an empty square (near, you can read "pour changer de fiche"). You can paste a character inside, press enter, and a new page will be dedicated to this character.

To listen to the pronunciation, press the blue button, above the draw of the character. Near the blue button, there are all the characters with the same pronunciation.

Further, on the same page, you'll find many words containing this character.

After that, you can find a green button, nearby "table des clés", click on, and the table of the keys will appear. You can also click on each in order to open a dedicated page.

Here the page with many chinese characters :

On this page, I clicked on the character 爱 ài

So, appeared a dedicated page :

For English meanings, this dictionary seems to be pretty good :

Have fun !

November 12, 2018


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