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im new to japanese any tips?

Hello im new to japanese and wanted to know if any one how some good tips?

November 12, 2018


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Don't rely on just Duolingo. Aside from the course being quite new and still rough around the edges, it glosses over a fair bit of stuff, and doesn't always provide enough to context that you can be sure about what you're supposed to be learning. There are plenty of other free resources online thankfully, and Duolingo can definitely help keep you motivated when the others get a bit bogged down.

November 12, 2018


Check out Tae Kim's grammar guide. Almost everything that you'd need to know about grammar as a beginner you can learn there including much much more. For free

November 12, 2018


Be prepared to be in it for the long haul. Get yourself as many resources to learn as you're able.

November 12, 2018


Be prepared for a challenge and don't be afraid to ask questions when you feel lost.

Japanese differs from Western languages in several fundamental ways. You will need to spend extra time on grammar study to fully grasp the language. It is a very logicial and concise language, but the logic it follows is not always intuitive to second language learners, so getting a solid foundation in basic grammar early on will save you a lot of head-scratching later.

Start learning the Japanese characters early and practice reading/writing often. Don't be afraid of kanji. Once you get to know them, kanji are your friend. It can help you recognize and understand new words and parse long, complicated sentences faster. The key to kanji is recognizing that it isn't an alphabet ... it is more like another set of core vocabulary embedded within the words themselves - sort of like latin roots in English. Study kanji and build your "kanji vocabulary" to improve your longterm reading ability and language comprehension.

I also recommend using multiple resources to overlap and reeinforce what you learn. There are many nice apps and websites available, both free and paid, where you can study grammar, drill vocabulary, practice listening or reading, and much more.

I like LingoDeer, Anki, WaniKani, KanjiTree, and HiNative, just to name a few.

November 12, 2018


Thanks for the list at the end!

November 12, 2018


Hi; I am new to japanese learning too. I think that it's good for begining cause the Sentences are simple, Repeat letters will make learning better.

November 13, 2018


It's a struggle but worth it if you really keep trying.

November 13, 2018


Don't rely only on Duolingo.. You can also take help from www.tofugu.com .. I hope it will help.. Thank you

November 14, 2018


get your goal ! learn it continuosly and happily <3

November 14, 2018


Watch Japanese anime can help

November 13, 2018


It indeed does... but definitely not when you are a beginner. To progress in your language studies, the anime you want to watch should be just above your level, which will take you some time to get to.

November 13, 2018


yes changing your username if you don't want duo to ban you.


I recommend you use something like big-nick. duo does not like inappropriate things, so he could do something to make sure it doesn't happen, like auto-generated usernames, or just removing it altogether. we don't want that.

also this is just a heads up. don't feel like intimidated or something like that.

November 14, 2018


Little and often. Make language a habit and not something you "occasionally do".

November 14, 2018


Where it comes to grammar, there's "Grammar Lessons for Absolute Beginners" by JapaneseAmmo with Misa. She's a native who speaks very good English and explains complicated grammar concepts in a simple way, with subtitled examples from real life. You're bound to learn a lot of things a more formal course won't teach you.

November 16, 2018
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