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When to use Me- / Be- or none at all

I've been having trouble with this aspect of Indonesian. I've been told Me- verbs are transitive ( must take an object ), while Be- verbs are intransitive ( cannot take an object )

Yet I constantly see contradictions such as "Saya bermain computer", I thought it would be "Saya memain"? Along with constantly being corrected on when and not to use Me- and that I should've used the infinitive

If anyone could clear up how and when to exactly use Me-, Be-, or just go with the infinitive would be greatly appreciated

November 12, 2018

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ber verbs can stand alone without a word after it . saya bekerja,= I work , say bermain= I play, saya bermalas--I relax ,,,, in spoken Indonesia the affixes are dropped a lot....and the root word is used eg saya menyapu....I sweep, saya sapu,,,I sweep, and the Indonesia dictionary will have the word under the root word not the me or be .... eg sapu or kerja . Indonesian gets more complex the deeper you get...then you have me- kan work, me--I words pe words etc

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