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Ellos or Nosotros???

I tried to ask a question concerning a sentence I just encountered but the discussion was LOCKED.

"__ son hombres." Translation: They are men.

I could choose Nosotras, Vosotras, Ellos, Nosotros, or Vosotros I selected Nosotros thinking the translation would be "We are men."

How should I have known that it was Ellos and not Nosotros? (brainfart here)

November 12, 2018



This is because of the verb form "son" -->> This belongs to the 3rd person plural "ellos" or "ellas", and also because the translation is "They are men".

"Nosotros" (we) would have the verb form "somos":

Nosotros somos hombres.


Thank you! I sent you a Lingot...


nosotros somos ellos/ustedes son ;)


Nosotros somos hombres
Vosotros sois hombres
Ellos son hombres

The feminine versions are wrong for obvious reasons.


You can know it depending of the conjugation of the verb. Ellos son. Nosotros somos.


If it is reffered to "US" it is "Nosotros" if it is reffered to "THEM" its "ellos" i face the same problem in french

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