Various meanings for single words?

There have been several times I typed things into Google Translate to see what they translate Swahili into. In the Duolingo course, "sijambo" for example, means "I'm doing well." When you type sijambo into Google Translate, it oddly just says "word." When I type it into other sentences, it'll say "I do not say." Another time it meant "hello." Is this all a context thing? Or is Google inaccurate? Thanks!

November 12, 2018


Google Translate is super inaccurate. Don't trust it. Trust Duolingo.

November 12, 2018

i have never had that problem but if you have a phone you might try speaking it into your siri app

November 13, 2018 is a good resource

November 13, 2018


November 14, 2018

Google translate is very unreliable for Kiswahili. Unfortunately. Never trust what they say.

December 15, 2018
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