"Koran adalah media massa."

Translation:Newspapers are mass media.

November 13, 2018

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"Newspapers are mass media" is better, but even then I struggle with the precise meaning of "media massa" A more correct English sentence would be "Newspapers are a form of mass media"


There is no option to report that the English sentence is unnatural or incorrect, so I reported the Indonesian sentence in the hope that it will be reviewed overall. 'Newspaper' is a single countable noun so needs to be preceded by an article, or to be pluralised which would require the verb to be pluralised as well.


"Newspapers are mass media."

The singular means the physical paper, that you use afterwards to light the fire, line the guinea pigs' cage, wrap pass-the-parcel, make papier maché, ...


I think "newspapers are the mass media " is correct but was marked wrong. Why?

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