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Level 25 in Swedish! Nivå 25 på svenska. At age 70!

I just hit Level 25 in Swedish Nivå Sjugofem. I am 70 years old. Tell your grandparents (farföräldrar) about me. My high school friend Dianne is in Duolingo learning Norwegian and her streak is longer than mine. My streak is 201 days and I have 1022 lingots. I was becoming addicted and I needed to break the cell phone gaming habit. I follow Lingfocus on You Tube and Paul suggests Duolingo in his Youtube video. I opened Duolingo up and I suddenly remembered a promise I made to my grandfather (min farfar) over 50 years ago to learn Swedish. Then this really good habit swept aside a bad habit. When I was young they used to say "Learn a foreign language in 15 minutes a day!" Duolingo doesn't tell you in advance how many days. Very seriously they say when you get older studying a foreign language is good for helping you keep things together. If you can find it on Youtube there is a good Swedish film called "Nasty Old People". The heroine, Mette, is a teenage neo-Nazi who finds personal redemption by working as a home aide for old people in Sweden. I don't follow all of it, but the part I pick up certainly improves my enjoyment. hitta det! Njut av!

November 13, 2018



Good for you! It's never too late to learn a new language. Actually it's never too late to learn anything! Well done.


Bra jobbat, hörru! Grattis!


Bra jobbat! Har du provat att läsa en bok (eller tidning, eller webbsidor eller vad som helst) på svenska?


Grattis!! . Du är duktig. Nu Jag också plugga svenska varje dag. Bra jobbat.


I will tell everyone I know about you, wow !!! Congrats !!! :D

[deactivated user]


    Grattis! Såg du filmen 'Unga Astrid'? Jag kan verkligen rekommendera den!


    Is that about Astrid Lindgren?


    Yeah it is. It is about her younger years. Here is the trailer in Swedish.


    Just seen the trailer. I see that your note was 6 months ago. How does this work ?


    Old people in duolingo is awesome even im 9 years old soo... Congrats!!!


    First of all, I respect you a lot!

    You are much better than me, and the big inspiration for me!

    I believe your ability will be able enough to attend any Universities of sweden soon.

    I am seriously jealous of your big achievement.

    Perhaps your grandparents were swede immigrants?

    It has been really a great choice to keep brain active and smart. moreover, even learning new things in life. you'll be healthy and smart which means youth forever!

    I'll check it out the film :)

    send you so much Love!


    Thank you for being an inspiration and sharing your progress with us. Definitely gives perspective that anything is possible with dedication and discipline at any age.


    Wow, you're inspiring to people of all ages learning any language! You're absolutely right that studying a foreign language helps keep your brain young. Use it or lose it, as they say ;) I just finished reading the book "The End of Alzheimer's" and strongly recommend it for an intense, multifactorial approach to maintain one's brain in tiptop shape. Once I finish my German tree, I will embark on Swedish!


    Grattis för att uppföra nivå tjugofem!

    Har du läst någonting på svenska? Hur mycket förstår du dig?


    crongratulation, and my respect.


    Grattis. Det är ju väldigt bra!


    Bra jobbat! Very inspiring.


    Congrats,man!!. I'd really like to learn Swedish some day.


    Grattis, KurtThornb! Jättebra!


    Grattis och bra jobbat!


    Hej Kurt! Hi Kurt,

    (so sorry about the line breaks that seem to be controlled by the page script...)

    I am really impressed by you and everybody else who learns Swedish on Duolingo! / Jag är jätteimponerad av dig och alla andra som lär sig svenska på Duolingo!

    I enrolled for the Spanish class, / Jag anmälde mig till spanskakursen,

    and to get a fair opinion on the quality of the course / och för att få en rättvis uppfattning om kvaliteten på kursen

    i also enrolled for the Swedish class / anmälde jag mig också till svenskakursen

    as I am a native Swedish speaker. / eftersom mitt modersmål är svenska.

    I have tried to use the "jump" key on each lesson / Jag har försökt använda "hoppa-"nyckeln på varje lektion

    because I thought that would be doable / eftersom jag trodde det skulle vara möjligt att genomföra

    as I consider my Swedish to be very good. / eftersom jag anser att min svenska är mycket bra.

    So far I´ve been unsuccesful / Än så länge har jag misslyckats

    about a fourth of the times! / ungefär en fjärdedel av gångerna!

    You are really doing well! / Du är verkligen jätteduktig!


    Det är så underbar! Bra jobbat! :)


    Well. !! I thought there were no oldies that did this. But I can beat you I'm 83 .


    Alright! Jattebra!


    Att nå nivå 25 är en sak, att verkligen kunna språket är en annan. Hur mycket kan du i praktiken? Vad är ditt modersmål?

    [deactivated user]

      congratulations, KurtThornb!

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      Mina varmaste gratulationer! Du har gjort ett väldigt bra jobb och dessutom hållit ett löfte.

      If you want to see Swedish TV you can always see svtplay.se. Not all programs can bee seen outside of Sweden but there is still a lot. Some might even have texts for those that are hearing impaired.

      I am learning Spanish, the tree is done but I still do it every day, always learning new words or grammar. I see a Spanish TV show but with English subtext and enjoy it immensely.


      Fin hjälp du fick av din farfar! Starkt jobbat! Hoppas att du hittar någon som du kan prata svenska med.


      Ma många .. många komplimentera !

      You are now officially the Captain Tom equivalent of Duolingo Swedish

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