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"Siapa yang dipanggil oleh mereka?"

Translation:Who is called by them?

November 13, 2018



I don't get it. "Who did they call?" maybe??


"who is called by them?" is a passive sentence, just like the Indonesian sentence, using "di-" verb.
"who did they call?" is an active sentence, in such a case the Indonesian sentence would use a "me-" verb and would have another sentence structure.


The sentence "Who is called by them?" sounds a little awkward in English but the meaning is understood. I heard that this kind of phrase (the passive voice) is much more common in Indonesian, does anyone have any thoughts or tips about that?


Perhaps in cases such this, and I think it is a good learning process, that Duolingo provides the translation in both pasive and active voices, noting that the "corect" translation sought is in the passive voice.

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