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WBUR interview about Hawaiian on Duolingo "You Can Now Learn Hawaii's Native Language Using An App"

November 13, 2018



"...When we're thinking about the app, we're looking at, what's most important to people? What do they what to talk about? Because we're not trying to teach them grammar, and get really detailed in the language..."

I've seen this we're-not-teaching-grammar claim about Duolingo years before too, not just about Duolingo teaching Hawaiian.

What do they think "grammar" means?

Seems to me that if you're teaching someone how to put words together to form a sentence, you're teaching grammar, even if you're not using all the technical jargon for grammar.


I learned my first language as a native; my second, in traditional classes. I am learning "Hawaiian" in Duolingo. Duolingo's translations from the very first lesson are extremely precise about grammar. However, that is fine with me. My accent is very thick, so I should get the rest of what I'm saying in the best form possible. A hui hou, mala-ma pono! (Even my typing has an accent.)

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