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Weekly Duolingo report

I stopped receiving weekly Duolingo reports and without them it becomes very painful to look up student work by clicking "View Activity Log" for all 157 students in my class. What happened to the weekly report? Also, it's kinda stupid that you can't write anyone in Support and have to fill out a forum entry.

November 13, 2018



Hi RClayTanner61,

Troubleshooting is mainly for getting support from the community. This sounds like you'll want a staff member from the Educator team, for that, you'll want to move this to the Educator forum. To move a post, click the "edit" button at the bottom right-hand corner of your post. Then, up in the left-hand corner where you selected the forum "Troubleshooting", click it and select "Educator" from the drop-down menu instead. Then click "Save". :)


... write anyone in Support....

You may always ask questions here of Duolingo users, volunteer forum moderators and staff, or you can reach us directly at teachers@duolingo.com with all Schools-related inquiries.
Admin KatyCatz in

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