"Raj's friends are bad."

Translation:राज के दोस्त बुरे हैं।

November 13, 2018



I totally agree - Duo is so inconsistent with English translations. - I am at a loss. Sometimes explanations are given, yet when you apply the principles in translating the same questions - one moment it's CORRECT, and when the sentence is repeated later - it's INCORRECT!

December 26, 2018


Why do you not use the plural form for friends? I looked up what "friends" is and it is दोस्तों . According to a popular translation site if you change to the plural form for banana it changes the object form to plural (e.g. "bananas" or "banana" is "राज के केले खराब हैं।" or "राज का केला खराब है।" ) so why not change for friend vs friends too?

April 9, 2019
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