"Raj's friends are bad."

Translation:राज के दोस्त बुरे हैं।

November 13, 2018

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why can't it be राज के दोस्तों बुरे हैं ?


I think that is wrong because दोस्तों is the oblique plural form, and the noun shouldn't be in the oblique form there. राज is b/c it's before the के, but it isn't marked b/c it's masculine singular, but दोस्त is just in the nominative case.


This is दोस्त not दोस्तो


That is because ke is already there, which makes dost Plural ....


I tried राज के दोस्त ख़राब हैं and it marked that wrong, saying I need बुरे instead. Can ख़राब not be used for people or something?


Nope thats fine as well ... But if u translate it in eng it will be wrong i think...


Why do you not use the plural form for friends? I looked up what "friends" is and it is दोस्तों . According to a popular translation site if you change to the plural form for banana it changes the object form to plural (e.g. "bananas" or "banana" is "राज के केले खराब हैं।" or "राज का केला खराब है।" ) so why not change for friend vs friends too?


That's a good observation... as a native speaker.... even i am unable to provide you an convincing explanation...however i will attempt to.... It is coz the number is not specified in this case... In Hindi, at times the plural form is used only when the number is used. Thinking of an analogy.... may be similar to ....Fish and its plural being Fish while Fishes is also a plural in certain cases.


I totally agree - Duo is so inconsistent with English translations. - I am at a loss. Sometimes explanations are given, yet when you apply the principles in translating the same questions - one moment it's CORRECT, and when the sentence is repeated later - it's INCORRECT!


@Shans - Even English is inconsistent. Teacher teaches me Priceless = of greatest quality. Then I translate Valueless = of greatest quality and the teacher says I'm wrong. Maybe she needs to learn from the experts in this group. ;-)


English IS very inconsistent, but that's not a good example. Priceless means something you cannot put a price on; valueless means something which has no value.


Exactly. The word "less" is used inconsistently. In one word it is active (you putting a price) and in the other it is passive (denoting inherent value - you playing no role).

That is precisely the inconsistency I am talking about.

Thanks for making my point.


I can't search English language in thi


A lot of people say this now.. Raj has to get rid of them..

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