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  5. "Lo squalo vive nello zoo."

"Lo squalo vive nello zoo."

Translation:The shark lives in the zoo.

April 3, 2013



Would appreciate an expert weighing in on the difference in meaning and/or usage of vivire and abitare. Are there situations when one is preferred or are they exact synonyms? Thanks.


Think of abitare as residency. You can vivere and abitare in Rome, with your girlfriend, in the same house for 30 years. But fish non abitano nell'acqua and your grandfather non abita to 100 years. Does that help a bit?


Thanks! So would it be appropriate to translate vivere as "to live" and abitare as "to inhabit?" Sometimes they're synonyms and sometimes not?


I think you are right. (Although I must say I am a beginner in Italian, but a native Spanish speaker. The words are similar to the Spanish words "vivir" and "habitar").


No conjugations of vivire?

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