Filmy z polskimi napisami / films with polish subtitles

Czy wiecie gdzie można dostać polskie filmy z polskimi napisami albo zagraniczne filmy z lektorem i jednocześnie z polskimi napisami ?

Do you know where I can get polish films with polish subtitles or foreign movies with a lector and at the same time with polish subtitles?

At my netflix account in germany, they have most of the time english and german sound and subtitles, sometimes other languages like turkish or spanish but even when i know for sure that the film has also polish dubbing/lektor or subtitles , they are still not on netflix. And if they are polish films, then they have no polish subtitles.

Can you recommend any polish Sc fi movies?


November 14, 2018


Where it comes to movies there is Adapter with subtitles/audio description for people who cannot hear or see, and some think it a good learning resource.

As for sci-fi movies, sadly Poland doesn't have many of those.

There is Seksmisja, a parody on totalitarian regime, often misunderstood as anti-feminist propaganda (you can watch an excerpt here, with English subtitles)

Kingsajz by the same director, although it's more fantasy than sci-fi, as it's a comedy about a contemporary world of dwarves of all things... (really, I recommend anything by Juliusz Machulski)

There's this old thing: Test pilota Pirxa that I vaguely remember seeing as a kid, although I cannot say anything about the quality. And the book was probably better anyway, Opowieści o pilocie Pirxie is probably the only book Stanisław Lem wrote that won't melt a kid's brain.

There's this strangely funny little thing that has been a butt of many jokes among my friends: Klątwa doliny węży. Although to say it's sci-fi is a bit much...

When it comes to newer things, there's this series of shorts: Legendy Polskie that are pretty well made. And there are free audiobooks, with ebooks, that you can download from their site too.

If you're into terrible (and most of the time vulgar) comedy, you can check out Kapitan Bomba, an amateur animated series that I think you can find on Youtube. You'll learn some new words you will never be able to use in polite company... (Beware it's heavy on wordplay, and you shouldn't repeat the names of planets and alien races out loud too - they're usually curse words rearranged a bit)

If you're into a more family-friendly things, I recommend a series of movies about Pan Kleks. I'm warning you though, they are musicals, and some people cannot stand those. If you're into it though, you can expect to have a few catchy tunes stuck in your head afterwards. There is: Akademia Pana Kleksa, Pan Kleks w kosmosie - this one is sci-fi, and Podróże Pana Kleksa. If you like it, there are books too.

I also found this: Czułe Miejsca under sci-fi on imdb, although I've never watched it myself. Other polish sci-fi titles I haven't seen are Big Bang and Pół serio

That's about it when it comes to polish sci-fi. For some reason Polish filmmakers seem to be afraid of the genre. Only horror is worse represented, we have about three (pretty horrible) horror movies total...

Oh, and if you don't mind branching out into fantasy:

As for subtitles, you can turn on automatic Polish subtitles for Polish videos on Youtube, and it works pretty well.

November 15, 2018

Bardzo dziękuję za taką długą i ciekawą odpowiedź . naprawdę pomogłeś mi.

December 7, 2018

Możesz oglądać filmy na Jest wiele z napisami i lektorem. Pozdrawiam

April 22, 2019

Jak miałem netflixa miałem możliwość słuchania lektora PL i napisów PL. Chociaż niektóre filmy i bajki były tylko po angielsku. Może musisz sobie kupić nowe konto i na starcie ustawić język polski? albo w ustawieniach ustawić język polski jako twój?

November 16, 2018

poszukaj tych polskich filmów z napisami: Bogowie, chłopaki nie płaczą, dzień świra,

November 16, 2018

jest konto mojego brata i używał go w Ameryce, powiedział że tam były jeszcze inne film dostępne, chyba zależy od tego gdzie się znajduje. w ustawieniach nie znajduję nic, ale sprawdzę , dziękuję za radę.

November 17, 2018

if you are looking for Polish sci-fi movies you have to see Na Srebrnym Globie by Andrzej Żuławski!

his other movies are also very good though they are not per se sci-fi.

November 23, 2018
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