"दादा उनसे धीरे चलते हैं ।"

Translation:Grandfather walks slower than them.

November 14, 2018

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The translation is okay (i.e. it’s not ungrammatical) but the more colloquial form is: “Grandfather walks slower than they do.”


That is the less colloquial form! Anyway, "slower" should be "more slowly". I wonder if those learning English on Duolingo are being taught to use adjectives in place of adverbs like this? Anyway, it's a free website so I shouldn't complain!

  1. The correct english form is slower, while more slowly is a colloquial construct. 2. Generally in Indian English the latter is translation as "jyada dheere" as against dhere. 3. The point to be noted here is, while "dhere" means slow its conveys to mean slower in this case because of the comparative statement "Unse" preceeding it. 4. UNKE is wrong because it indicates genitive or possessive case, UNSE is the corresponding third person comparative conjugate.


No, "slower" is colloquial and "more slowly" is correct. "Slower" is an adjective, "slowly" is an adverb. "Walks" is a verb, so should have an adverb, not an adjective.


No, as per Oxford dictionary slower is both adverb and an adjective. So duo is correct


"Grandfather walks more slowly than they do." Duo marked this wrong!


I've reported several sentences here where the English grammar is wrong. Hopefully the issue gets fixed soon.


Can we use unke instead of unse here?


"Grandfather walks slow than them


Grandfather walks slower than them


You will not give the correct one to choice

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