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"O teatro precisa de dinheiro para melhorar."

Translation:The theater needs money to improve.

May 12, 2014



I said "The theater needs money for improvement". Why is tbis wrong?


I think this is an example of where the literal translation in which you translate a verb for a verb, is not fully accurate for communicating the meaning, because it's not as natural a construction in English. It sounds much more natural in English to use the nouns "improvement" or "improvements".

This is common in translating languages, in that in one language you might use a verb's infinitive, but you might use a related noun in the other language, more commonly.

I personally think it's better to think more holistically...i.e. to translate this "needs money for improvements"...this is the approach that tends to read more naturally when translating texts, and also leads to better communication when translating for people in conversation. So I wish Duo would accept this. You could always suggest it if you think it is correct! I notice DuoLingo often accepts non-literal translations, and it may be that they just didn't think of this possibility yet here!


I'd also like to know why 'for improvement' is wrong?


Why not; "The teather needs the money to get better"


I could not work out what the audio was saying. Engenheiro?Janeiro? Oh DINHEIRO. That d gets me every time.


Maybe on the slow motion?


Is "precisar" always followed by "de"? Or is "de" only used with nouns?


Precisar + verb / precisar + de + noun (Brazil).

Precisar + de + verb/noun (Portugal).


If the Portuguese meaning is that the theatre needs building work then "for improvements" would be a good translation. If it means the theatre needs better reviews or better attendance then "to improve" would be more appropriate. Can anyone clarify the meaning please?


So why is 'the theatre needs money to improve' wrong?


it's not, it was accepted for me now ;)


"the theater needs money for getting better" should be accepted


I said the theatre needs money for improvement, like many I question why it is "wrong"..I also know the answer.."Duolingo needs money so it takes all the hearts at any opportunity"

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