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  5. "He comes out of the toilet."

"He comes out of the toilet."

Translation:Dia keluar dari toilet.

November 14, 2018



Okay, I really have to ask... is this English sentence supposed to be comical or is it just worded awkwardly? It gives me the impression of someone crawling out of the porcelain toilet bowl and not of someone leaving the restroom after using the facilities. Im curious because if it is the Comical version, then I wouldn't use the specific sentence itself, but it is useful for understanding grammar. If it is serious, then I just want to understand the Indonesian sentence correctly.


The 'toilet' can refer to the washroom itself in different parts of the world, not the specific porcelain bowl itself!


Halo teman! This is really comical and funny... ;)


I hope it helps.

Selamat belajar! :)


I have learnt to say 'kamar kecil' as a polite way to refer to the washroom/toilet, so I said 'dia keluar dari kamar kecil' however this was wrong. Any comments/thoughts?


Yes they didn't transfer toilet in Indonesian ...kamar kecil is correct


Toilet is referred as kamar kecil in Indonesian .. but why you given toilet meaning same as toilet (not transferred in Indonesian)


This is a rather odd sentence...


Jeff: "Halo, saya keluar dari toilet." Sally: "Go take a shoer this instant!"

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