"How are we?"

Translation:Pehea kāua?

November 14, 2018



It's so strange, because when you say "how are we?" you could be addressing a whole room and asking "how are we doing today." How are we, as in you and me, needs to then be specified in the prompt.

November 14, 2018


Unfortunately, translations between Hawaiian and English are not always possible to do and still be grammatically correct, semantically correct, and contextually correct. One or more of these would be sacrificed here and there, and hopefully the comments and the notes will explain the missing or ambiguous info. In reality this question would not really be said. When would you? Why would you not know how you yourself are doing? Thus, you can file this question away and forget about it.
There are other similarly strange prompts in other languages here on Duolingo, such as The ant reads a book (Portuguese) and The whale drinks the water (Italian). It is kind of what Duolingo is known for.

November 15, 2018


Well strange sentences may be a DL hallmark, but the program is teaching grammar not conversational/travel tips. UluwehisKo's concern is about grammar not usefulness. DLHawaiian could do something like "How are we? [you & I]". and "How are we [all of us]?" to let the learner know what they are looking for.

December 3, 2018


So based on the information added by UluwehisKo and especially kelii.... would it not be more appropriate for this sentence be "Pehea kākou."? Keeping in mind what kelii.... I think is saying, you wouldnʻt really use the sentence "Pehea kāua." in a one on one conversation. On the other hand might you use "Pehea kākou." to address a roomful of people? What do you all think?

February 28, 2019
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