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Suggesting exercise for learning Hindi

Dear course developers, My native language is russian, so syrry for my possible mistakes in english )

I'd like to suggest an exercise, which, as i think, will help learning words and alphabet.

The task should be formulated: "Type in hindi: Banana" And below there are some letters of hindi. For example, this set: के गा य ला क ल A student should chose proper letters in a proper order. Task looks like a task with translating sentenses, (translating sentenses wich choosing woers) but for words (translating words with using letters).

This exercise is easier, than typing hindi words from keyboard, but could be effective for remembering words.

P.S. I suppose, such an exercise could be useful in any course with significantly different alphabets (Arabian for english speakers, thay for english speakers and so on)

Best, Elena Kizilova

November 15, 2018



I suggested. They can accept or ignor. From coding point of wiew, i suppose, the objects, used in tasks with translating sentenses with drag or click words, can be used in tasks with words. If it is not possible to realise such tasks - noone insists :) Till it is not realised, i can take a sheet of paper and train writing words with pencil :)


The first four skills in the course are about that, right? I mean, you should choose words for sounds or sylables (instead of words, as you suggest) Isn't the same asking you to write "banana" than asking you to write: "ba", "na", and "na"? In my opinion, after upgrading all first skills to level five, you shouldn't need that.


Hi, privet, namaste Elena

Yes, some learning tools (or apps) use such method or format where they can drag or click on alphabets and form words & on word and form sentences.

But I suppose that is a bit costly coding compared to the Duolingo approach. Duolingo's content is mostly a free platform and made by totally unpaid volunteers.

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