"Cahaya mata kamu seperti bintang di langit."

Translation:The light of your eyes is like a star in the sky.

November 15, 2018

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The sounds of pronunciation are not natural, you are using Google voice tho, unlike other languages. Finally I can't hold myself to give comment, as I am Indonesian.


Are your eyes emitting light? Or is this English lingo that I don't know...


It's pretty common in English to talk about the light in someone's eyes. Either as a 'gombal' compliment, or as a metaphor for someone that's really excited or inspired by something.


It doesn't make sense first you use the plural "eyes" but relate it to a singular noun "star". It should be the "stars". It would make better sense but still weird


When the answer said "bintang" instead of "bintang-bintang" which mean two different meanings... the repetition word of object will be count multiple...


Not quite, Indonesian isn't a rigid as English when it comes to rules about plurals. The phrase "Bintang di langit" on it's own would usually be translated as "Stars in the sky" because there's nothing to point to any particular star.

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