"Saya membeli apel dan stroberi."

Translation:I am buying apples and strawberries.

November 15, 2018

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Should this be in the 'clothes' category?


That's the way it rolls here on Duolingo. Pedagogy is completely abandoned. Sometimes an entire lesson can be all sentences unrelated to the topic in hand.


Yes. Language courses frequently teach words like "Buy" "Sell" as it relates to Restaurants, Markets, etc - places you are likely to go as a tourist. (Did you notice "Pasar" looks and sounds a lot like "Bazaar"?)

The inclusion of Apel and Stroberi are to make sure you aren't forgetting past lessons. Its absolutely vital you internalize ALL vocabulary as you go along, not just forget it once it stops being 'useful', or not know how to use it except for specific contexts.


What if it was singular apple and strawberry (yes who'd buy just one but still..) ?


Then the sentence would be "Saya membeli sebuah apel dan sebuah stroberi".

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