λανθασμένος and the wrong man

The English key for the phrase ο λανθασμένος άντρας is given as 'the wrong man'. I would be grateful if a native Greek speaker would check this out.

In English, 'the wrong man' means 'it isn't this man, it's another man - you have the wrong man'.

I would think that ο λανθασνμένος άντρας actually means 'the man who is mistaken'. In other words, the man who has made a mistake. But I'm not sure.

Glosbe gives 'ο λάθος άντρας' for 'the wrong man', as in 'You've arrested the wrong man!'

November 15, 2018

  • Λάθος can be both a noun (mistake) and an adjective (wrong). When it functions as an adjective, it does not change according to the gender or the number of the noun it modifies.
  • Λανθασμένος, -η, -ο means wrong, or containing mistakes. It's more formal than λάθος and (mostly) used for more abstract notions. Eg:
  • Κάνει πολλά ορθογραφικά λάθη. = He/ She makes many spelling mistakes. [λάθος is neuter and ends in -ος, so its plural ends in -η]
  • Συλλάβατε λάθος άντρα. = You arrested the wrong man.
  • Ήταν μία λάθος/ λανθασμένη εκτίμηση. = It was a wrong estimate.

  • ο άντρας που έχει κάνει λάθος = the man who is mistaken/ who has made a mistake

  • ο άντρας που έχει άδικο = the man who is wrong

I hope this helps. :-)

November 15, 2018

Ευχαριστώ πολύ για την βοήθειά σου!

November 16, 2018
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