I really like being able to use the keyboard for everything, I was thinking a useful way to speed up the typing of umalts would be if we could use the up arrow to convert the previuos character to have an umalt. So if I type "u" then hit the up arrow, it will convert that character to having an umalt.

July 11, 2012


It would probably be best if Duolingo automatically converted ae, ue and oe into ä, ü and ö, but then ß is still a problem.

you can use alt+129 alt+132 alt+148 alt+225 alt+142 alt+153 alt+154 for ü ä ö ß Ä Ö Ü repectively

That is quite a good idea. (Umlaut*) I use alt codes.

Umlaut (Um + laut), (around + sound). Anyway, if you have windows vista or 7, you should be able to go to the control panel and activate a German keyboard, which is what I do to get (ß, ö, ä, ü)

yes, I know but I don't really want to use the german keyboard, especially not for my whole browser session and have to keep switching it back and forth. It would be nice just to have a quick keyboard shortcut like this.

On my MacBook Pro, it's Option+u to activate the umlaut and then whatever vowel I want under it. More codes like that are listed at For Windows, I couldn't anything analogous after searching the 'net for a few minutes and I left my work computer (running Windows 7) at work so I can't play around and help figure out a nice shortcut.

ya i do that on my mac too, but when i have to use windows i wish i had it :\

There is an option to use right alt, ", vowel in Windows 7 (if your keyboard is set to US International English), but unfortunately it doesn't seem to work in any browser, only in Word. At the moment I use alt codes to make the special characters.

I use a Mac as well so umlauts are easy. As for Windows, you used to be able to hold down the ALT key and enter a number using the numeric keypad to get a "ü", for example. Then you release the ALT key and the character will show up. Here's a site that should help: (turns out that's the same server as the URL mlabrum mentioned above). From that web page, the ü character is generated by holding down ALT, then entering 0252, then releasing ALT.

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