"Dari bumi, lampu jalan adalah lebih terang dari bintang-bintang."

Translation:From earth, street lights are brighter than stars.

November 16, 2018

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There should be an article such as "a" or "the" before "street light".


I agree. Otherwise it should be "street lightING is", or "street lightS ARE". It would also be more natural to say "THE stars".


How does adalah work here? Lebih terang is not a noun...


'adalah' is optional here, it's used as a copula (linking verb) to connect the two phrases.
You can omit 'adalah', then you'll get a sentence without a verb :
"Dari bumi, lampu jalan (adalah) lebih terang dari bintang-bintang."

'adalah' is mostly used to connect two noun phrases, but it's not restricted to that.
It can also be used to connect with an adjective phrase (like the example above) or to connect with a prepositional phrase (see example below).
"Satu-satunya cahaya yang ada adalah dari lampu jalan."
"The only light there is, is from the street lights"

'dari lampu jalan' = 'from the street lights" = prepositional phrase.


I can't understand what "From earth" wants to say here. From the Earth as watching from the space?


When standing on the earth on a clear night, looking up at the sky, a streetlight above you, the light from the lampu jalan is much brighter than from the bintang


Yes but in English the phrase "From earth" with a small 'e' does not exist (unless you're choosing to spell the planet's name with a small 'e'). "From Earth" doesn't mean from ground level, it means from the planet, as opposed to some other planet, the moon, or point in space. If you just mean from ground level, you would either say "From the ground" or leave out the phrase, since it's the default situation.


it's a typo.. The word "Bumi" primarily refers to the planet Earth.

https://kbbi.web.id/bumi bumi/bu·mi/ n 1 planet tempat manusia hidup;

"The planet where humanity lives."


According to KBBI (Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia) or Indonesian official dictionary, Adalah (verb) means 1. identical with 2. same meaning with 3. including in groups (kelompok) or groups (golongan)

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