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Assignments not showing the time/date info

For example, I assigned my class 100XP. It says that "John" finished the assignment. I click to see what topics he did and when they were done. The pop-up window shows me the information for the first 9 sets of 10XP that he did. But it doesn't show any information for the last 10XP that he did. It is doing the same thing when I assign a topic. It will give me time/date info of when the first (n-1) lessons are finished, but the last one does not show up. Any help is appreciated!


November 16, 2018



I agree! It seems a bit glitchy lately. It is not keeping up to date on my students' progress. It is showing on my dashboard that they are not finished when in reality they are finished with the assignment.


Same here. I tell some of my students that they need to finish the assignment and they show me on their computers that they finish it. I hope they fix this.


What I noticed is there is a problem when I test out of a skill. It will go back to the beginning of the assignment, so I'd have to do the skill all over again. Also, I noticed a problem if there are multiple goals for getting points, then it seems to sometimes only show an increase on one which isn't necessarily the one I want.

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