"This is my book."

Translation:यह मेरी किताब है।

November 16, 2018

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Why not ..mera?? Instead of meri in this sentence


किताब is a feminine noun. मेरा/मेरी takes the gender of its object not the person who is speaking.


How to know the gender of a word?


There is no foolproof way to know the gender of a noun by looking at it. You can sometimes guess the gender based on things like word ending (words ending with ा are more likely to be male, those ending in ी are more likely to be female etc) or the category of the word (country names are usually male, rivers are usually female etc) but there are a lot of exceptions to each of these rules. The best way is that whenever you encounter a new Hindi word, you learn it with its gender. That is, instead of learning कुत्ता='dog', बिल्ली='cat', you learn मेरा कुत्ता='my dog', मेरी बिल्ली='my cat'.


ok cool.Do you know a Hindi English App that we can download as a Dictionary BUT that has the gender of the word ALSO in it..like M or Fem? I have searched a few but I found Dictionaries but they dont have the gender the word in it....it will be useful so we could learn Mera kurtha Meri bill...straight away!


I don't know of any dictionary app, unfortunately.
On the web, you can access the Oxford Hindi-English dictionary here. It is pretty comprehensive but since it is the digitised version of a physical dictionary, the user interface is not great.
Collins has better UI but I've found it misses some very common words and also has a few errors.


bahood danyavad!


Really good explanation


Why don't they use the word 'पुस्तक'?


While पुस्तक and किताब are synonyms, पुस्तक is a more 'formal' word and is not used as much in day-to-day conversations. But it should definitely be an accepted response to this question.


well that word is of "pure Hindi" spoken in king times. Pure hindi was a direct translation from Sanskrit. However modern hindi was created for changing circumstances. That has been replaced with modern hindi which doesn't use that word and additionally combines English into modern hindi. Make sense.


Why is it meri instead or mera - if we dont know the gender?


It takes the gender of किताब which is a feminine noun. This is irrespective of whether the person speaking is male or female.


It is" meri " since it is a female voice


No. It would be 'meri' even if the speaker was a man.
Possessive pronouns take the gender of the thing being possessed, not the possessor. In this case, किताब is a feminine noun.

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