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  5. "When do we eat? I am hungry!"

"When do we eat? I am hungry!"

Translation:Wann essen wir? Ich habe Hunger!

April 3, 2013



I don't seem to be getting the word ordering rules. Why is it Wann essen wir? and not Wann wir essen?


I believe the verb is almost always second in a german sentence. Wann wir essen would sound like someone in english saying when eat we - just sounds wrong/off


Thanks, really helpful


When do you use wann and when do you use wenn?


Wann: when, as in "Wann ist mein Geburtstag?" (When is my birthday?), wann is used for making questions relating to time.

Wenn: can also be translated as when, but is more used in the sense of 'at the time when' or 'if' (notice that there are also other ways to say "If" in German) e.g. "Wenn du dein Zimmer nicht aufräumst, kriegst du kein Eis!" (If you do not tidy up your room, you will get no ice cream!). "Wenn ich dir etwas sage, musst du das machen." (When I tell you to do something, you have to do it)


Why Duo didn't accept : "Ich bin Hungrig" for "I am hungry". It is also a correct translation. (I wrote "Wann essen wir? Ich bin Hungrig" and got wrong)


In German you don't say 'Ich bin hungrig' (I am hungry), you say 'Ich habe Hunger' (I have hunger). Same with thirstiness. 'Ich habe Durst' rather than 'Ich bin durstig'.

I'm not too certain as to the exact reason why, sadly. It's just what I've picked up whilst learning at school years ago without it being explained.


That's the Swedish way of saying it. "Jag är hungrig" = Ich bin Hungrig. But that's incorrect.

In German it's: "Ich habe Hunger". Literarily: I have hunger.


Why was my answer "Wann wir essen? Ich bin hungrig!" not accepted?


Hungrig is an adjective, but in German you say 'I have hunger' as in a noun instead.

I'm not too certain as to why, whether it's because you're in the state of having hunger rather than using the adjective form I'm not too sure.


Also, 'Wann wir essen' is incorrect word order. It would sound like someone saying "When eating we"


Should it be, wann Essen wir?


Yes, that is more natural.


i'm so glad i got this right :'D

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