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Problem Assigning Locked Skills to Some Students

I know this has been addressed a few times in the past, but none of the workarounds that I found in past threads seem to work.

I have assigned a skill to my students that they have not yet unlocked. For about 90% of the students, it worked just fine. The skill unlocked and their tree is totally grayed out between what they've done and the newly assigned skill. However, for the other 10%, the assigned skill is still grayed out in their tree. And in the sidebar, they can see that I have assigned it, but when they click on it, it reloads the page.

  • All students were part of the class for weeks before this was assigned.
  • I have tried re-assigning it.
  • I have tried making a new class just for them and assigning it through the new class.

Does anyone happen to have any other insight or workarounds that I haven't tried?

November 16, 2018



I am experiencing this issue, currently, as well. I am wondering what the issue is and how it can be solved.


Sadly, I still haven't found a way to work around it. It's unfortunate because the students love Duolingo and I would love to be able to assign more focused practice. For now, I can only really assign for them to practice wherever they currently are in their tree. :(


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