"जूलिया नेहा को चिट्ठी लिखती है।"

Translation:Julia writes a letter to Neha.

November 16, 2018

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is " (mail) letter = चिट्ठी " mostly or seldom used meaning?


Only going off of personal experience, but as far as I know, it depends on regional and personal preferences. The other word used is खत P.s. चिट्ठी also means note (like what students pass in class)


It can also be called as patr(पत्र) whis also means letter in hindi


"Julia writes Neha a letter" is also perfectly grammatically correct English. Please update the accepted answers.


How do I inout the 2nd syllable of letter? Where is that character on the keyboard? The one that looks like ट and ठ combined?


It is the conjunct of ट and ठ. Conjuncts between the letters ट, ठ, ड and ढ are stacked vertically instead of horizontally.

On most keyboards, you type ट्ठ as ट+ ्+ ठ


The letter ट and ठ are written together because their sounds are combined in the word चिट्ठी the last two letters are pronounced together. The word would be pronounced as (chitthi) while pronouncing it the first letter would be pronounced the same but the last 2 will be pronounced as tthi; the sound ट to be a bit stronger than ठ. Hoped it helped. I am familiar because I'm a native speaker here.


Why is "Julia writes Neha's letter" incorrect? How exactly would I write "Julia writes Neha's letter?" (As if Neha is dictating her letter to Julia.)


जूलिया नेहा की चिट्ठी लिखती है would be 'Julia writes Neha's letter'.
का/की/के - possession
को - 'to'

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