"Mereka melihat sejumlah burung di atas rumah."

Translation:They see a number of birds on the top of the house.

November 16, 2018

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"They see a number of birds on the house" -> should be accepted, submitted report. "They see a number of birds on top of the house" -> should be accepted.


"They see some birds on the house" is a much more natural way to say this in English.


I think 'a number of' is more than 'some' or at least it is referring to the amount of birds whereas 'some' would more point to the birds themselves.

There are some birds on the roof. - Oh really? I hope they won't make dirt...

There is a number of birds on top of the house. I wonder where they all come from. We never had that many...


Mereka melihat beberapa burung di atas rumah

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