"The cow eats grass."

Translation:गाय घास खाती है ।

November 16, 2018

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Why is it 'Khathi' here? Is it because cow is feminine or grass is?


As for knowledge in hindi gender is noticed Here cow is a feminine gender that's why khaati is here


"Khaati" is the hindi meaning of "Eating"... and Cow is feminine but grass is nether feminine not male it's "Khaata" if there's any male at the place of "Cow" Hope it's helpful


Because cow is female so khathi he is because cow


A previous question translated हाथी घास नहीं कती as "an elephant doesnt eat grass". Now we're being told हाथी घास काती है is "the cow eats grass". Am I understanding correctly that there is no way to tell if an indefinite or definite article is being implied? And if so, how do you tell the difference between the two different meanings?


The use of article before the noun.... be it definite or indefinite is a quirk/requirement of the English language, for better understanding of English speakers....In Hindi, you don't need anything before the Noun.


Hathi refers to elephant, gaai refers to cow.

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