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"Small mouse, small cow. Small dogs, small cats."

Translation:छोटा चूहा, छोटी गाय। छोटे कुत्ते, छोटी बिल्लियाँ।

November 16, 2018



cho'ta' for mouse, cho'ti' for cow and cho'te' for dogs. why this difference?


mouse is male, cow is female, dogs are plural.

What's interesting is that cats are also plural, yet the choice for dogs and cats is different.


Why is it mouse instead or rat?


Rat and mouse is interchangable.


How would one differentiate between a mouse and a rat?


Rats are bigger, like 10x bigger


I'm well aware, and I think you might have taken my comment a little too literally, but I also enjoy giving very literal answers to questions like this so I guess I know where you're coming from.

Anyway, I was referring to the fact that there is one word in Hindi that covers both, and wondering what a native Hindi speaker would say to show the difference. Someone replied on another question basically saying that you would describe the type of rodent in much the same way as in English you would need extra words to say what breed of mouse or rat you were talking about.


Oh, sorry. As far as the Hindi films I've watched, I feel a native Hindi speaker would use "chuha" ¯_(ツ)_/¯


This is Interesting

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