Language Adventure in the Far East

As part of Horace Greeleys response to USA's 19th Century concept of Manifest Destiny, he supposedly said, "Go West, Young Man!". I am not so young anymore but remember reading that in US history class. So in a few days I am going to embark on an adventure from the Eastern US and heading so far West I will arrive in the Far East and in the future. They are 12 hours ahead of us from my current location.

Some of you may recall I have posted a couple of Language Adventures in my city where I applied what I learned here in various locations such as the drug stores, supermarkets and Buddhist temples. I hoped that by sharing some of my experiences, others may take a step away from the computer and try to have conversations with native speakers. I have been lucky that folks have been so kind and patient. It is a lot of fun and I highly recommend it.

I will be in Vietnam for 6 months and will get totally immersed in the language and culture by living and traveling with local Vietnamese. When I have a chance, I'll try to get back here and let you know how it is going and how learning a language here works in the the real world.

My first order of business will be to find a local coffee shop and watch the people go by. When I am not busy with friends, I'll be wearing a white Duolingo hat if you want to come over and say hello. Actually, it is a Denver Bronco hat, white with a big orange D on the front.

BTW, I am so happy with my 1 Day Streak! I threatened to do that after losing my streak so consider my threat carried out.

3 months ago


Having an interesting time in Saigon. Been to parks, a wedding, a visit to the local cancer hospital, a birthday party, met a guy from Czech Republic trying to learn Vietnamese and escape the Czech winter, and having conversations everyday with people around me. Vietnamese are so friendly so its real easy to get into conversations. Next week, its up to Song Ve near Quang Ngai city.

1 month ago

Song Ve a great change of paste. Different dialect but same friendly people. I think everyone knows or knows of me there. Even in remote areas of the rice paddies.

I have posted my Adventure in Duolingo for English as I don't get much of a response here.

2 weeks ago
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