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`how can a beginner learn the hindi characters

hello all,

I've only just started learning hindi, i'm completely confused how to learn the characters. any suggestions on how i can learn the writing please? also, does anyone know if it is it possible to learn hindi in duolingo without having to learn how to write hindi,


November 17, 2018



I think the best way is to start with 5 characters a day... The more you focus on them separately, the more easier you'll learn them and reading after that becomes a bit more simplier... I use hindi 101 app and amazing hindi


I've been wanting to start Hindi for so long, and finally did a few weeks ago. I think Hindi pod 101 has really good pronunciation videos, as what I found on Youtube and duolingo weren't super helpful. So many of those letters sound so similar to each other! For writing and basics I've got Practice Makes Perfect Basic Hindi, which teaches stroke order and has space in it to practice writing. I made cards and have written out the letters I know over and over until I'm comfortable with them. When I've finished that book I'll start on Duolingo.

Writing out the symbols over and over is required, but so is knowing specifically what sound each one makes. Treat it like being in preschool where you wrote out and spoke your abc's dozens of times.


What precisely are you having difficulty with? Recognizing/remembering them or making sense of the questions? Just stare at them and try to notice something distinctive about them to remember. And take it slow!


This is really good advice actually. One thing I've done that helps is to associate them with english characters when I can. for example, न (na) looks a lot like a backwards F


Well, like consonants? ka kha ga gha nga. ca cha ja jha nya. ta tha da dha na (repeat line). Pa pha ba bha ma. ya ra la va sha sa ha ksha tra gya! Vowels: a aa i ii u uu e ee o au ow/um ah. (a does not have a maatra. every thing else has maatras.)


You can also try Memrise.com ... I recently found this and it's really neat because it provides detailed information and you practice what you have read.


Make flash cards and go through the stack of them over and over until you are able to go through having correctly identified every letter before turning the cards over. It's worth noting that I am a quick learner, but it didn't take me more than an hour to memorize them. As for pronunciation, I would find videos on youtube to help with that. I would not recommend that you skip the letters and try to learn Hindi without them, memorizing the script is the easiest part of the language, and it will also teach you how to pronounce everything exactly. No need to go so slow with it though, make 10 flashcards, add a few more every time you understand the current ones, shouldn't take that long


Just stare at the characters and try to memorise them. Try to spot something distinctive about each of them


There was this thread about a week ago:


" does anyone know if it is it possible to learn hindi in duolingo without having to learn how to write hindi"

There are lots of systems for romanizing Hindi. Duo uses a system called IAST. But Duo alone is far too little to achieve much proficiency in Hindi, and if you want to go further, it might be tough finding resources if you're restricted to IAST. (I've found decent Hindi resources in general hard to come by).

Hindi has about 37 consonants, and 10 vowels (each of which has a full form and a matra), so that's about 57 letters. If you learn just 5 per day (which will be easy if you try to read the sentences Duolingo gives you), you'll be done in 12 days.

Then there are the conjucts... but I've found it easy to just learn those as I encounter them.


thank you all, your advice is invaluable.... I will try learning the basic alphabet and i can see this is going to be fun!


मेरुको ने मल्लूम हे राय मेरुको हिंदी आइख native बशा हे


every character looks the same! at the moment :-)


Is this Hindi? I hardly recognize any words.


Basically,you need to know the vowels and the consonants and how they change when they are added with the vowels(VarnMaala). First it is better to start with the vowels and then the consonants and then the Varnmaala. Knowing the letters along with the pronunciation or the sound they make is preferable. You can try making flash cards. You can also check out the tips offered by Duolingo which can be very helpful.

P.S: I appreciate your work in learning this Indian language. Also, they are not Hindi characters , they are letters or Varnmaala(the Garland of letters).

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