"राज शाकाहारी है।"

Translation:Raj is vegetarian.

November 17, 2018

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"Raj is a vegetarian" is a better translation


'Vegetarian' is both a noun and an adjective so either sentence should be accepted.


Adjective doesn't work here. He's not made of veggies.

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    Is there a Hindi word for vegan? (I am asking because I am a vegan.)


    No. Veganism is yet to catch on in India so there isn't a word for it yet in any Indian language. However, you can use the English word 'vegan' and will probably be understood in tourist places and most upscale restaurants in urban India.

    Otherwise, you will have to describe veganism. शाकाहार is traditionally understood to be lacto-vegetarianism in India (ie, vegetarianism without eggs). So, you can say मैं शाकाहारी हूँ और मैं शहद, दूध और दूध से बना कोई पदार्थ (जैसे दही, घी, मक्खन और पनीर) नहीं खाती। (I'm vegetarian and I don't eat honey, milk and milk products (like yoghurt, ghee, butter and cheese)).

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      Thank you for the response. I'll write those words down. I guess it will give me a chance to practice more Hindi words, which a good thing.


      Thanks for asking this, and thanks vinay92 for answering so clearly.


      So Raj is the best of all of them.


      "Raj is a vegetarian" is a better translation


      I think adding "a" would need एक


      If you say "Raj is a vegetarian," you are using vegetarian as a noun. In this sentence, शाकाहारी is being used as an adjective, so the 'is' is not needed.

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