"All of you eat apples"

Translation:Bilasáana daosą́ʼ

November 17, 2018

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the hint in the sentence spells it "doasa" but the answer says its "daosa"


This is still the case a year later.[May 16th, 2020]

Spelling with special characters is also - daosą́ʼ


Almost half a year later and the typo is still there. This course would be so much fun if literally any grammar was explained and there were no typos in the hints or missing hints.


Same as of February 2021


The hint says daosą́' means "all of you", not "all of you are eating". Please add more explanations on the language when possible. For the moment in this beta version, it is a lot of guessing, and not enough learning.
Thanks anyway for this first step !


I Don't know how to make that a on my keyboard


I'm using the Diné bizaad keyboard on Gboard for my phone and it won't accept ' as correct, even though it is the mark specifically used on this keyboard for a glottal stop. Clearly there's an issue here with the beta.


So i long hold the a and then drag up


I am writing daosą́' after Bilasáana , but it says incorrect. Even my apostrophe is not accepted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So frustrating !!!!!!!!!!


I am having the same problem with this. In fact SwiftKey has no Navajo keyboard.


If you are copying and pasting from the hints then daosą́ʼ is misspelled in the hints as doasą́ʼ


Cant complete this sentence. nothing is acceptable.


I am having the same issue. I am using multiling keyboard and accents aren't working for some of this section so I can't finish it out. Beta will get better as it develops so thank you to those who are creating this...:)


What is the difference between the Navajo word for "all of you eat" and "eat this" they look the same to me


I haven't got a key board for Navajo and the corse won't accept my answers.


This program is getting more whack. You can't hear the words being spoken. The spelling is questionable on some of the words.


I don't have that a with the apostrophe and the hook they use in doasa. I only have á,à,â,ã,ä,ą,ă,ā,æ,å and I don't have á combined with ą! It is SO FRUSTRATING!


I typed daosą́' correctly and it still says I made a typo?


Notice the glottal stop (the apostrophe) in DL's sentence is curly. Yours is straight. It marks those as typos (it really shouldn't in my opinion, but at least it's not marking them completely incorrect anymore).


I have been skipping the accents on the letters, and changing the ' to a ʼ. I'm finally getting accepted. Also, instead of the accent over the letter, I am putting the accent after that letter. Seems to be working.


Is this an imperative? I understood the English sentence as declaratve, similar to "All of you are eating apples." But the Navajo "daosa" is imperatives, right? If so, i think the English prompt should be adjusted to make this clearer.


Daosá' worked for me


Why is there no Yisha in this sentence?

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Yisha = I am eating Daosą́ʼ = You (all) are eating


i feel like this course has left me with more of a headache than anything else


Well what if you think about trying to learn before this became a written language or at least before there were computers lol.


It took daosâ' for me.


I cant make the abreviations


I can't type the accented letters on my keyboard so I'm getting these wrong.


If you use an Android, here's a decent multi-language keyboard app that's easy to install. Use the world button to switch between languages. It includes Diné bizaad (Navajo).



Thank you. I'll have a look at that. Another question. Is it possible to repeat a module that you've already done. Not the revision exercises but the actual modules. The words for members of the family are ... complicated and I'd really like to repeat the whole 'Family' module.


Yes, after you've comǫleted all 5 levels of a module, you can access refresher exercises.

btw, the Ǫ́ was very hard to find on that keyboard app. It's a capital O held down, to see other options.


Can't make it work


Bilasáana daosą́ʼ <<< Try to cut and paste this if you're struggling with this keyboard app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stately.multiple.language.keyboard.multilingual.typing.multikeyboard


It took daosá' for me


Why cant u hear how to pronounce it


I downloaded a Diné Bizaad keyboard, typed "daosą́'", and it still said I spelled it wrong.


Your glottal stop still looks straight, not curly. Check your keyboard carefully. Does it have separate keys for apostrophe and glottal stop?

Where did you get the keyboard?


how does your answer look?!


Man am I glad I'm not the only one struggling on this one. My keyboard doesn't have a Diné setting.


The dropdown hints for "all of you" has "doasą́'" as an option, but "daosą́ʼ" is nowhere to be found. Which one is right?


My correct answer with correct accents is accepted, but says I have a typo. It underlines the way I've typed it, and it's exactly the same as the "correction".


Now on 13.02.2022 the hints are still wrong, there's still no audio (except for Intro and Family section), there are many errors in the English translations, incongruences...and still missing grammar for Navajo, except for a few really helpful comments I read (and I read all of them so I can have some idea and find other resources they are redirecting to)

I've only made it until the food section so far and the lack of audios in it makes it really harder, learning doesn't flow as it should...I hope that changes soon...after all this time the course is still in Beta...


which is correct? doasą́' or daosa'. duo lingo accepts daosa'


daosą́ʼ or doasa' ?

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