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"Oltre le mele, io non mangio la frutta."

Translation:Besides apples, I do not eat fruit.

April 3, 2013



Except apples....is not accepted !!


I know! Incredible. I am reporting it... You should too.


I put except for apples and it was approved.


i put except and it didn't...


He eats the apples


Does this person eat apples or not? If the answer is yes, then it should be 'Apart from apples......'. This was approved.


fruits should be accepted!


No it should not. You never say 'fruits' its always fruit, even for a lorry load of fruit. The lorry is full of fruit. Look at all the fruit in the lorry. I ate ten different types of fruit today. Its always singular - just like sheep. Never sheeps.


Based on your use of 'lorry' I'm assuming you're from the UK. I'm not sure about British English, but in American English, the word 'fruits' is used to talk about different kinds of fruit. So you have a bunch of apples, bananas, and pears in the lorry, you have three fruits in there.


Apparently American English is lazy... You have three types or three sorts of fruit in your lorry


The fruits of my labour?


I believe both "fruit" and "fruits" should be accepted, because in this case, both represent the variety of fruit(s)

  • considering general english, not just american or british -

Fruit and fish are words that represent the plural even in the singular form, but you can also say fruits and fishes, for example.

And I also got suspicious with the "besides" thing, I was inclined to use "except for the apples" for a better translation, but I knew it wouldn't be accepted because that would be "tranne" for italian.

"Besides" is supposed to work as "Beyond", an addition/inclusion, not for exceptions, just like our mate explained above.


"Our mate" down in the comments, actually, xyphax.

So, I reported the question to duolingo.


In English, 'fruit' is irregular and its plural is "fruit" thus it should never be accepted.


who-ooo! Thought I would test and see if I could use 'other than' ... and I walk away with my heart intact for 'Other than apples, I do not eat fruit'.


is there a difference with 'tranne le mele'?


Mangio ogni tipo di frutta tranne le mele = I eat every type of fruit except for apples

Oltre le mele e lo zucchero, la torta ha anche il sale! = Besides apples and sugar, the cake even has salt!

oltre is besides (including this thing...) and tranne is except (not including this thing...) :)


hmmm... in English:

correct: Besides apples, I also eat bananas and papayas.
incorrect: Besides apples, I do not eat bananas and papayas.
incorrect: Besides apples, I do not eat fruit.

Mukkapazza, I like your explanation of the difference between besides and except above, but but the explanation supports that the correct English word in this sentence is except and not besides ...

correct: Except for apples, I do not eat fruit.
incorrect: Except for apples, I do not eat bananas and papayas.
incorrect: Except for apples, I also eat bananas and papayas.

Again, I cannot speak for the Italian sentences, but I believe my English is correct, and the duo translation in English using the word besides is incorrect, as tcheou83 points out just below in this conversation. Thanks for considering this.



I agree with your English. Maybe we should report this.


xyhax, I totally agree with your comment and am an English-speaking teacher. "Besides" means "in addition to." You can't eat apples and not eat fruit. Apples ARE fruit, so if you eat apples, you eat fruit! You could say, "ASIDE from apples, I do not eat fruit." "ASIDE FROM" and "EXCEPT FOR" means you eat apples but no other fruit.


be·sides /bəˈsīdz/ Learn to pronounce preposition in addition to; apart from. "I have no other family besides my parents" Similar: apart from other than aside from but for save for not counting excluding not including except with the exception of excepting bar barring leaving aside beyond in addition to as well as over and above above and beyond outside of forbye adverb in addition; as well. "I'm capable of doing the work, and a lot more besides"


Besides requires no object and is followed by a comma.


And following the logic can I say "besides apples, I eat no fruit" ? (DL's bot doesn't think so)


It is possible that duolingo means that the person doesn't eat any fruit at all.

Like "Besides the apples (which I do not eat), I do not eat fruit (at all)" meaning then that not only I do not eat apples, but also I do not eat any other fruits.

However, that would be an unecessary way to say "I don't eat fruit", or a too creative way for duolingo to teach, and confusing.

So I reported that anyway.


Maybe duo is trying to say that "do not bring in more fruit if you are bringing apples, apples alone will suffice. However if you do not have apples, I will eat whatever fruit you bring". If this is not the case, beyond should be replaced by except.


"Other than" should be an acceptable answer, but isn't


I said "Except for apples..." and it was rejected. Nothing wrong with that!


I just used except for apples and it was accepted


I'm not a native speaker of English. Is it unnatural to say "Besides apple, I don't eat fruit"? Apparently, it has to be "apples" (in the plural) but I don't think the singular changes the meaning in this case.


Native speaker here. Yes, it has to be 'apples' in the plural. In English, apple isn't a collective noun like (for example) 'fruit' is. You can have a lot of fruit, but not a lot of apple. You have many apples.

For some reason, specific fruits aren't collective nouns in English. Except for watermelon and other melons. You can have a lot of watermelon but you have many apples. It really doesn't make any sense but that's how it works.


It has to do with whether the noun is discretely quantifiable. You can say "I have 3 apples" but you can also say something like "this salad has too much apple" when the noun in question is deconstructed or its discrete quantity is otherwise obscured.

This is also how to differentiate when to use "less" or "fewer" when describing relative quantities. You can say "I have fewer apples than you" (discrete quantity) or "this salad needs less apple" (continuous quantity) but it's never "less apples" or "fewer apple".


Why is "apart from apples" wrong?


it has been included since. thx duo.


So, can we say that, we have decided that this ignorant poor lad does eat apples?


''beside'' and ''excepting'' apples should both be accepted, by me


Can i write apart from?


Something is off with that statement.


Ok why is it oltre and not oltre a (oltre alle mele)?


I think that's a good question


Thank you! my Q exactly!


I had " other than apples etc" why is it different to the "besides" etc. I can't work it out at all. The meaning is the same surely. Can someone please adivse. I am trying to learn as a child growing up would learn , not as a professor would.


Why not Except the apples...


Can you use "the fruit" ?


Why not fruits? This just sounds weird


Could "bensí le mele, non mangio la frutta" be an alternate translation?


I don't know, to me the italian version "la frutta" sounds like it speaks of a specific fruit, but not as fruit in general like for all fruit


Dont get constipation


Why not "fruits"? "Fruit" seems it is wrong. Am I right?


Why beyond is uncorrect?


"beyond" was just accepted, w/ alternative listed as "besides!"! hoorah. makes more sense to me in terms of use of oltre.


Why not 'fruits' I do not eat fruit does not sound right.


" fruits"... Why is this wrong?


Besides apples is incorrect. Besides requires no object and is followed by a comma. In English, we normally say: except for appes or other than apples....


Sempre mele in ogni corso


A bit off topic, however, why do we have to use a definite article LE mele. I assume as an apple is a countable noun in Italian, there's no need to use LE. Am I wrong?


Why we are writing here comments, it is only for our relaxation? nobody is changing this existed mistakes...


Shouldn't it be Oltre a la mele, ...?


Why do you need to say io. Doesn't mangio imply io?


I tried " excepting apples" etc, not accepted


Oltre can be apart from


Awkward English. Instead of the negative, much more common to hear, "the only fruit I eat are apples." Or "Apples are the only fruit I eat."


I am American. I translated this, "Other than the apple, I don't eat fruit."




Besides it's not right.. Except apples should be better.


The use of "besides apples" here is just wrong. The correct use of "besides" would indicate that something is "in addition to", but in fact, you are attempting to use it as an "exception". "With the exception of apples" or "apart from apples" would both be more appropriate terms here.


Why is "except apples" not accepted?


I would say apart from apples, but then I'm British. I know that Americans use besides in this situation.


Other than should be accepted in addition to besides!


i said " except from apples - i do not eat fruit. this is correct. ?


I wrote: Exept aplles, I don't eat fruit. That should be correct.


Translated the question 100% correct yet told I got it wrong!


What is wrong with except instead of besides. Besides is actually wrong because it should lead to another positive not a negative. EG Besides apples I eat oranges.

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