"अगला दिन सोमवार है ।"

Translation:The next day is Monday.

November 17, 2018

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if i don't use "the" here, it SHOULDn't be correct?

next day is monday. Isn't that ok?


that's a lot of lingots ngl


but the next day IS tomorrw


Notice that the sentence doesn't say 'आज से अगला दिन ' or 'next day to today'.


When do we use agala and agale?


अगला is the masculine singular form and अगले is the masculine plural form. (The feminine form is अगली)
अगला दिन सोमवार है - The next day is Monday - अगला is used because दिन here is singular
अगले कुछ दिन ठंडे होंगे - The next few days will be cold - अगले is used because कुछ दिन here is plural

In addition, अगले is also the oblique-case form of अगला to be used when it is the object of a postposition.
Eg: अगले महीने में बारिश होगी - It will rain in the next month - महीना is singular here but because अगला महीना is the object of the postposition में, it is used in the oblique-case form अगले महीने.


It just seems like a bad sentence. I can think of few circumstances in which I would ever say this and not just use "tomorrow" as an adequate synonym. Say the next something else is Monday - the next test, the next holiday, the next trip - but next day is just confusing.


Eg: मैं तेईस तारीख को देर रात तक पार्टी नहीं कर सकता। अगला दिन सोमवार है और मुझे काम पे जाना है। (I can't party till late in the night on the 23rd. The next day is Monday and I have to go to work)


I didn't say no circumstances - just few ones. :)


Why is "Monday is the next day" incorrect?


That would be सोमवार अगला दिन है

The subject usually comes first in both Hindi and English


I want this question back


I would have expected this sentence to be अगले दिन सोमवार है with an implied ko (aka a ghost postposition). So why no ghost ko?


You don't need a ghost postposition here. That only happens when you're dealing with intransitive verbs like आना and जाना which cannot have direct objects (which means a postposition is required) but the postposition is still dropped.

In this sentence, you need to use the oblique case form अगले दिन only if you actually use the postposition.

अगला दिन सोमवार है - 'The next day is Monday' and
अगले दिन को सोमवार है - 'On the next day is Monday'
are both valid sentences.


Thank you so much for this explanation.


Is the important in the sentence


when should we use AGLA and AGLE?


I typed 'next day is Monday' and it was not accepted, is not adding 'the' really that big of a fault??


It is not normal English, though if someone asked you What is the next day? you might find your answer used. You need to add your own articles (the, a, an) when translating Hindi sentences.


agala din somavaar hai .

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