"Kamu siapa?"

Translation:Who are you?

November 17, 2018

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When would you use "kamu siapa" and when would you use "siapa kamu"?


It's fine, whatever you use, the meaning is just same


Terima kasih banyak Tamalaki. That helps a lot. Question.... is one form more formal or it doesnt matter?


Kamu siapa/siapa kamu is informal. While if you want to use the formal form, you can use "Anda siapa?"


As a general rule, when you put the question-word at the end of the sentence, it makes it more informal, and more natural in everyday speech. And with the question-word at the beginning, it becomes more formal, and looks like a written text.

We have to make the difference between the normal/respectful register, and the formal/informal register, it's 2 different things.

Kamu siapa is informal and common (natural).
Siapa kamu is more formal.
Siapa Anda is even more formal.
Anda siapa, it's informal but show formal respect with the "Anda" that is similar to the French polite "vous" and the Spanish polite "Usted".

You have a typo, Anda needs an uppercase, always, like "I" in English (we have to take good habit on this lesson).

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    Kamu siapa is informal style


    but isnt "siapa kamu?" considered a bit rude? i am a native speaker, maybe we would use "anda siapa?" instead


    Kamu siapa? could be considered rude, but only in some contexts, not because of the informal (and very common) use of the question-word at the end of the sentence, but because of the use of "kamu". Kamu is not rude in itself, it's only rude if you talk to complete strangers, as when you visit Indonesia and meet unknown people for the first time. Same in France, with "vous (polite) /tu (formal), if someone on a forum talk to me with "tu", it's OK, because it's some kind of netiquette, but if a person I've never meet don't use the "vous" with me, it's rude. Same in Indonesian with "kamu/Anda". The disrespectful thing is all in the context... It's better to take the good habit to use "Anda" when travelling.

    We have to differenciate the formal/informal register, and the polite/normal register.

    Siapa kamu = formal and normal address.
    Siapa Anda = formal and polite-very respectful address.
    Kamu siapa = informal and normal address.
    Siapa kamu = formal and normal address.


    Both are correct and have the same meaning.


    Terima kasih banyak Handrisuselo. That helps too. ^_^

    [deactivated user]

      Please use the first one. The latter sounds rude.


      If you use it with someone who never met before, yes, if you talk to friends, family or even on some forum, no.

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        Apa kabar?


        Mbak-mbaknya bicaranya nyolot :v


        Ono opo tokh, Mas?


        Hi guys, I Indo ppl do not care if u use kamu siapa or siapa kamu ahahaha, we are chill


        Is it rude to phrase it this way? It's grammatically correct but how about socially?


        Good point. Actually it is uncommon using that phrase in a conversation. The polite one as simple use 'Siapa namamu?'


        You mean the formal one, not the polite one. As the place of the question-word makes it formal/informal, and the use of kamu or Anda makes it polite-respectul/friend-family address.

        I just add this to mark the difference, it's very important as a sentence can be really respectful (Using Anda) and still informal, or the very formal (place of siapa) and using the friend-family address.


        Gramaticaly, the question markers like who (siapa), what (apa), how (bagaimana) are placed at the beginning of a sentence. But in the casual conversation the structure can be switch and the meaning will be the same.


        Kok salah sih padahal sudah bener who are you?siapa kamu


        Kamu dimana, dengan siapa, semalam berbuat apa. Itu bernada.. #Pop #lagupop

        [deactivated user]

          Siapa kamu sounds arrogant to the other person.


          Only if this person is not a friend or family, (but on the Internet forum, it's very common to use "kamu" and not "Anda", it depends the kind of forum through).


          Susah banget padahal udah pada bisa semua nya


          Sedang dimana, semalam berbuat apa ♪♪♪


          Is this considered a polite way to ask a stranger their name??

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