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Assignments automatically completed

Hi there! I started using Duolingo with my students last week and to ease them into it, I gave them two assignments: - gain 50 XP - complete a specific lesson

The first one worked as intended, most students have completed it and I can track their progress.

However, as soon as the students clicked on the specific lesson, it marks it as 'complete' for any student.

How can I fix this problem/avoid this situation?


November 17, 2018



This is a major problem right now. If I assign a few levels and they do one, it reports to them that they have finished all of them.


I personally haven't had this issue, but try assigning 2 levels if you want your students to do 1, or 3 if you want your students to do 2. Again, i personally haven't had this issue so i don't know how to test it.


We are aware that there are a few lingering bugs from the recent update to skill assignments. Please file a bug report with details on the students and assignments that you having trouble with to help us track these down.


I sent a report, thanks for your reply


How do I send a bug report? I am new and am having the same problem.


Same here. When 1 out of many assignments is completed, the others are marked completed too, even if the student has not done anything.

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