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"The rich boss habitually says, "Excellent"."

Translation:roD jatlh pIn mIp: «pov!».

November 17, 2018



This is an example of using a verb of saying in a sentence-as-object construction. That means the sentence of saying is one sentence and the sentence said is another sentence.

Here, the sentence of saying is roD jajtlh pIn mIp the rich boss regularly says. The sentence said is pov excellent.

As a sentence-as-object construction, you just put the two sentences next to each other. The possibilities are:

roD jatlh pIn mIp pov
pov roD jatlh pIn mIp

You cannot put the pov between the roD and the jatlh, because when you construct a sentence as object you can't splice one sentence into the other.


I've added roD jatlh pIn mIp: «pov!». now and "deleted" the original sentence.

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