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  5. "ngemDaq wamtaH wamwI'pu'."

"ngemDaq wamtaH wamwI'pu'."

Translation:The hunters were hunting in the woods.

November 17, 2018



Why there is "some hunters" in the translation? Can it be just "the hunters"?


"The hunters were hunting in the woods," is and was being accepted as a good translation. "Some hunters" is perhaps not the best translation. "Some" could be just saying "more than one" or it could be saying, "only a portion and not all". The first meaning of "some" could be just represented in Klingon by the plural and so it is accepted as a possible translation of the Klingon given. The second meaning of "some" actually has a Klingon word that specifies it which is not in the given Klingon sentence. Thus it can be confusing to have "some" in the top best translation. I have moved things around so it is still a "best" translation, but not the top best translation. The English translation given at the top of this sentence discussion may change to reflect the change I have made.

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