"How much water do you drink?"

Translation:तुम कितना पानी पीती हो?

November 17, 2018

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Why so? पानी is masculine? How do someone identify this?


Unfortunately, in Hindi you have to memorize gender of the nouns. ALthough ending -a is usually masculine, while -i is feminine, there are many, many exceptions.


OK in english you is for everyone like for elders or for younger But in Hindi AAP is for elder than you TUM is for same age of you and TU is for younger than you


Not exactly its not defined you have to usee that way only. 'Tu'is not considered very respectful word so if you are meeting a stranger smaller than you, you shouldn't say tu/tum. also tu and tum is same thing just depends on the sentence


I am curious: in other occasions, the तुम version of you was followed by a plural ending; why is it different here or am i just misremembering?


पीती is plural. The plural version of a feminine verb is the same as the singular version.


I wrote "आप कितना पानी पिते हैं?" Duo didn't mark it wrong; but it corrected my पिते as पीती। Why shouldn't it be, when आप is gender neutral and पिते is also gender neutral, treated as correct? Or is it that we must always treat आप or तुम as "Female" gender?


Your answer is correct, Duolingo doesn't have enough correct answers. आप is gender neutral पीते is masculine पीती is feminine Since gender is not known both answers should be accepted


well I drink a whole well



Pani piti ho is for feminine While Pani pite ho is for masculine Difference is that aa is mainly for male and ii is mainly for female

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