Ken vs Weet

When do we use Ken vs Went?

(If you could please explain as simple as possible. Thanks!)

2 months ago

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"Weten" is to know a fact:

  • Ik weet dat ik moe ben (I know I am tired)
  • Ik weet het antwoord op die vraag (I know the answer to that question)

"Kennen" is "to know" in the sense of "to be acquainted with":

  • ik ken hem al jaren (I have known him for years)
  • ik ken deze stad goed (I know this city well)
  • Ik ken dit geluid (I know this sound)


2 months ago

Thanks! So generally you'd use weet more often?

2 months ago
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It depends on the context of the sentence.

In Dutch you'd never say: Ik weet hem. This sentence doesn't make sense obviously. Because 'weten' is used to facts and information as Pentaan mentioned above.

Whereas 'Kennen' is often used in the context of persons and places.

2 months ago
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I already know (ken) a lot of Dutch words, but I also know (weet) that there's a lot more to come.

2 months ago
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