"Zȳha kepa kostōbe tale se sylvie trēsi ēza."

Translation:His father has a mighty daughter and a wise son.

November 17, 2018



I'm confused about the use of "se" here. From my current understanding, "se" is used to mean and to separate clauses. So it would make sense for example to say "Ziry ipradas se ēdrus." But for this sentence, since it's within the same clause, wouldn't you use the long vowel + final syllable emphasis? ie "Zȳha kepa kostōbe tale sylviē trēsī ēza"

November 17, 2018


You have to use se here because there are two different nouns modified by two different adjectives. The clauses aren't close enough for lengthening to be used.

November 22, 2018


I have the same understanding, but perhaps it is not mandatory to use final vowel lengthening and stress when the noun(s) have adjectives describing them? That is merely speculation though. I am also not sure in the adjective should have the same lengthening.

November 21, 2018
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