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"tlhIngan Hol lujatlh mara torgh je."

Translation:Mara and Torg speak Klingon.

November 18, 2018



Mara and Torg shouldnt matter in placement.

November 18, 2018


Switching mara and torgh might make logical sense, but it doesn't make grammatical sense.

If you were asked to translate Mara and Torg into Spanish, you would translate it Mara y Torg. You wouldn't insist upon saying Torg y Mara. One way is correct, the other is not.

Likewise in Klingon. Don't get into the habit of thinking that Klingon is "backwards English." It's not; it follows its own rules of grammar, one of which just happens to be in the reverse order of English. Beyond that rule, there's no "backwards."

mara torgh je Mara and Torg

November 18, 2018


Sometimes they do. Have you never imagined two authors arguing over who's name goes first on their joint collaboration? In addition, there is a temptation to read Klingon from the back and this makes it clearer that it is not that simple.

November 18, 2018


Torg and Mara speak Klingon should count

January 11, 2019


No. mara torgh je is "Mara and Torg", not "Torg and Mara".

They are two nouns joined by je "and".

There is no reason to change the word order here.

When you have "subject - verb - object" in English and "object - verb - subject" in Klingon, you have to rearrange words in translation, but mara torgh je is not a complete sentence with a verb; it's just a noun phrase. And Klingon forms those in the same order that English does, except that the "and" comes after the nouns rather than between them.

So you have to move the "and" to between "Mara" and "Torg", but not change the order of "Mara" and "Torg".

January 11, 2019
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