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  5. "tengchaH lujaHlI'."

"tengchaH lujaHlI'."

Translation:They are bound for the space station.

November 18, 2018



Ok this makes no sense. The word bound is not related to any of the notes. Can someone please explain?


Bound for means going to; heading for. This phrase is an accurate translation of the Klingon.

Don't treat Klingon like an encoded form of English. There is no one-for-one relationship between Klingon words and English words. The Klingon word jaH can be translated go to, but the English phrases be bound for and head for also mean what jaH means.


English isnt my first language, so i did not know that was what "bound for" means. Thanks for the explaination! :D


"bound for"...an equivalent should be "going to".

Same diff. But it doesn't seem one of the options.


Our back end testing system tells me that "They are going to the space station." is accepted. What made you think it was not an available option?


Told me it was wrong when I tried it. Said I'd used the wrong word.


By any chance, do you have a screen shot?

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