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The Duolingo Japanese Course is lacking a lot.

[deactivated user]

    From grammar to kanji, this course doesn't teach me enough. Will there be any more changes to this course?

    November 18, 2018



    Yeah, I agree. It would be nice if they added Japanese mini-stories too! But I'm sure they're working on it.


    The courses are constantly being improved upon. It's just a matter of having enough subject matter to warrant an update, I think. It takes time to create the pieces of a course and then it takes more time to integrate it into the existing material. Be patient, but also don't be afraid to seek out other resources. I use HelloTalk for Spanish language exchange. I bet you could find an exchange partner for Japanese willing to help you expand your base.


    I wouldn't be so bothered by the fact it doesn't cover enough material if it covered the material it did more thoroughly. If you turn off "word bank" the course is almost useless, it marks you wrong on virtually every slight variation from the expected answer, including even just using kanji vs kana (yet bizarrely, accepts answers using hiragana where only katakana should be accepted)


    Duolingo does have some pluses. Not having grammar explanations forces you to come up with your own. However, there are some that they should go over, and they will add in more explanations in due time. I remember coming across 何も a few times and not understanding what it meant. My idea of "also" (the も particle) + "what" (何) made zero sense. Eventually, I goggled that the addition of も causes question words to exclude or include everything. This explains why "what" (何; asking for a noun subject) turns into "nothing" when you add も. It also explained why いつも (always) comes from いつ (when).

    Lingodeer does explain everything and helps out a lot, but you can always google your questions. And as someone said, they recently expanded their content to cover N4 material and hopefully, in the near future, N3. (They are making people pay for the higher level content as of the most recent update.)


    The course continues to be developed, so you can expect it to improve slowly over time. In the last year, it has already come a long way, although there is much left to do.

    In the meantime, I recommend LingoDeer as a similar program that offers much better grammar and kanji integration. It also recently came out with an extension that doubles the course length. It's a really nice app for Japanese learning.


    Thank you for the comment. I would not have known about lingo deer else. Great app!


    I'll try lingodeer, too!


    They're working on a V2 tree, but it will be a while. Currently the Japanese course can't even take you to level 25, where some of the more mature trees you'll get to level 25 well before you finish the tree.


    The way the Japanese course is right now is insulting considering that it is a very popular language and this is a course with the fifth most active learners for English speakers.


    Remember that it is also very different from English. It takes a lot of time to figure out how to teach it effectively because it's so different.


    Not only english speakers... some people are studying both languages. :)


    I really would love a speech/call back tree like the other courses


    If you're good at teaching yourself, doing the reverse course may be great for you! You can pick the English for Japanese speakers course, it covers what the Ja->En covers and way more! It will be bit more difficult of course, you will not be able to rely on Duolingo explaining to you.

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    Good suggestion


    WHOA. I never thought of this!!!


    hello, today I am starting a face to face course with a native Japanese Sensei. I know that having reached level 53 Crowns is not absolutely enouggh but has helped a lot so far.


    Like others have mentioned it is in development. Duolingo is a helpful resource but should not be your only resource. You will want a grammar reference too and something to get some listening experience.

    I also recently discovered that if you use Duolingo Plus for offline mode that the lessons will stop working offline once you "master" them. I can't tell if that is by design or a bug. In either case if you plan to learn offline you might want to eventually have an app that keeps the files needed stored locally.

    [deactivated user]

      Thank you to all of you.


      Agreed. It's more of a practice course at the moment. I'm learning from 'Human Japanese' app and practicing on Duolingo. It's been a good combo so far


      Shin chan is back at it again.


      I agree. Have a lingot


      I'd say that what needs to be improved is more focus on individual Japanese words, in order for us to be able to grasp their individual meanings better within the context of a sentence.


      especially with more picture-based associative learning so that it is not as heavily reliant on the english translations.

      if anyone is looking for an app that is good at that i highly recommend drops, though its free version only allots you 5 minutes of practice every 10 hours.


      just swap to Lingodeer it covers more stuff, has better review functions, teaches you grammar along with kanji. I periodically check in here to see if they've made any improvements and there really haven't been any.


      I would like to see some speaking parts like the Spanish course has, personally.

      (If anyone is looking for an alt or something to do alongside Duo I like the app Bunpo, personally. Although I must admit I haven't tried much else.)


      Japanese mini-stories would be really nice

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