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  5. "Why is that girl going ?"

"Why is that girl going ?"

Translation:वह लड़की क्यों जा रही है ?

November 18, 2018



what is the difference between क्यों वह लड़की जा रही है and वह लड़की क्यों जा रही है ?


क्यों must come right before the verb. :) Well, when I read "क्यों वह लड़की जा रही है?", I feel the emphasis is on "वह लड़की", like "Why that girl? I want another one to go instead of her" (that girl specifically).


Could someone explain clearly when to use kia or kion?


Thanks Joel , is clear.


"Kya"( what) and "kyon"(why) are totally different..... Tum kya kha rahi ho? What are you eating?......... tum kyon kha rahi ho? = why are you eating?.......secondly you can start a sentence with "kya"( kya tum ja rahi ho?= Are you going ?) but not with "Kyon"(why are you going = tum kyon ja rahi ho?). Thirdly You can ask yes/no questions using "kya". but not using "kyon". (Kya tum naha rahi ho, are you bathing)). Hth....


Kia means What and kion means Why is it clear


I got this correct - twice! - but honestly don't know why, lol. I must have missed something in the instruction; when do I choose क्यों instead of क्या ? I see the question is asked below by Rodrigo, and thanks given to Joel, but I do not see Joel's reply.


Oops, I tried to put yay yay larki.... या लारकी(As the subject )

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