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  5. "Grandmother drinks water."

"Grandmother drinks water."

Translation:नानी पानी पीती हैं।

November 18, 2018



why is it not pite - (pl) hai


पीते is the masculine plural form.

The feminine plural and singular are both पीती.


Why is it है़ं (plural) and not है (singular)?


It is a way of showing respect. You treat नानी as though it is a plural noun because it refers to an older person.


Would it be incorrect to not use these honorific terms? We have similar thing in Korean, but the use of honorific is not absolute necessary and depends on the context. (I did get marked incorrect for using है instead of हैं)


It is not grammatically incorrect but would be seen as incredibly rude to refer to someone who is considerably older than yourself in the singular.

It does depend on context though. For example, if it's your grandfather telling you that (तुम्हारी) नानी पानी पी रही है, he would use है instead of हैं because he doesn't need to use the honorific for his own wife.

Also, some people do use the तुम forms in second person and singular in the third person for their close female relatives as a show of endearment. It is usually not done for male relatives though.

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