"I started my letter."

Translation:Saya memulai surat saya.

November 19, 2018

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Could "saya memulai suratku" be another possible answer? It was marked as incorrect, but I'm not quite sure why?


The same happened to me. I can't see why that would be incorrect.


Ah - I actually found out why it's wrong - from another thread on another question. Basically - you shouldn't mix "Saya" and "Aku" in the same sentence. So if you start with saya you should finish with saya!

E.g. "saya memulai surat saya"

or "aku memulai suratku"

Also - from what my girlfriend tells me, no one really uses saya much in informal speech - so I've been trying to stick to aku where possible during my studies.


depends on where the person is from you're talking to and how closely you know each other. It's best to start with Saya/Anda to be safe. If they are using aku/kamu, then you could too.


Thanks for your comment - I hadn't actually made the connection between Anda and Kamu being formal and informal versions of you. That's one of the things missing from Duo lingo - i.e. clarifications of some points like that. I still really love duo lingo though! I vaguely remember there were some of those points on the French course - perhaps it will come later to Indonesian (its only still in beta).


You can find those details on the "info" section to the earlier exercises.


Yes, Duolingo falls short of these details


Saya memulai suratku not work ?


Pls corect this. Thx


Why isn't "Saya memulai suratku" also correct?

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